What tools have changed your life in managing your coworking space?

Reporting live from the GCUC Canada 2015 unconference day! The below are quoted, but in many cases are paraphrased. If I misquoted you, let me know!

What tools are your favorites?

Google Groups: Tried and true!

Groupbuzz: Like Google Groups but better! (Sam Abrams, Indy Hall)

Slack: (Sam Abrams)

Zapier: Connects things like signup forms and Google Calendar “That’s 32 times I didn’t have to look at my email, manually put it in my calendar, and ask Shane if he was going to handle it” (Angel)

Trello: (Sam Abrams)

FreshBooks! (Not by a FreshBooks employee!)

Cobot: “I just emailed Thilo and said ‘hey, I need you to make a global change to these 85 people and he said ‘all done, what else can I do for you?'”— Angel


  • Zoho:
  • Streak: “Plugs into Gmail”
  • Insightly: “I had some issues with it but I liked it”
    • “No CRM is perfect; find the one that’s closest for you”

Survey Monkey: “We used polls to ask people to rate things to see how important things are to them. We people weight things by priority.” — Carly Nix, Industry Lab

Huge sticky notes: “Would you rather have better lighting, or better desks?” Good for when you only have enough budget for one!

Amazon Prime! “Yes!” “Yes!”

Member photo wall, using Chromecast and WordPress. ChromeCast displays the WordPress page, which is updated with the photos. —Sam Abrams

What are we lacking? What do we need?

Sam: Attendance. We just use our eyeballs. People slip through. It isn’t perfect.

With the wifi APs you can log attendance. But it requires tech savvy and work.

Inside App – you can sign in and auto-generate email – Carter Ellis, Loading Dock Raleigh

Seltzer – Open source platform that does similar things — Carly Nix, Industry Lab

One of our members created an app for property managers, so it’s easy for managers to push information to members. People can set how often they want to hear from us, but if there’s an emergency, we can contact them no matter what. It’s called Mona. Launching next month. $1/user/year. (Suzy Renzi, Brightlane)

Alternative: Business Texter. (Tamara Payne)

Emergency Handbook:

Here’s the landlord’s contact info

Here’s where the nearest hospital is

Here are the numbers for the IT admin, super, other critical people

“It’s not a perfect tool, but you can do that with Trello” (Sam)

Epi Pen. Benadryl. First aid kit. Fire extinguishers.

Cameras: Dropcam.