The Coworking Google Group

The Coworking Google Group is the online gathering space for the entire movement. With an average of 147 posts per month, it’s a burgeoning hive of questions, answers, and conversations about every conceivable aspect of coworking and how it works.

With nearly 6,000 members, it’s become the de facto go-to spot for any questions that need answering, and a great place for people new to the movement to introduce themselves and share their stories.

If you’re just discovering coworking and thinking about how to get involved, joining and introducing yourself is a great start. Don’t be afraid; we were all new on there at one point or another! Just tell your honest story and we’ll be there to welcome you.

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With your support, we intend to develop a set of easily findable Best Practices drawn from the conversations being had in the Google Group, so valuable information isn’t buried in the thousands of messages over the course of time. This will ensure newcomers have easier access to the best information.

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