The coworking movement is giving millions of people all around the world an opportunity to redefine their relationship with work for the better. We’re here to ensure the movement does the very best job it can at continuing to do that for everyone who finds it.

Who we are

We are a team of people located in Boulder, Dallas, the Netherlands, New York, Seattle, Sonoma, and elsewhere, alongside a large team of over 100 volunteers, administrators, supporters, and curators from all over the world. Learn more about us here and about our supporters here.

What we do

We maintain the public, neutral, and open resources that make the movement possible. These include the Coworking Wiki, Coworking Google Group, Coworking Visa program, the Coworking Blog, the Coworking Leadership Slack Channel, and so much more.

What we want to do

With your support, we seek to grow as an organization into one that is capable of doing much more to support the movement and those who believe in it. That includes:

  1. Improving the existing resources to improve their design and make them easier to use.
  2. Creating new resources to make it easier for newcomers to get started.
  3. Building a map of coworking spaces everywhere.
  4. Advocating on behalf of the movement.
  5. Conducting surveys to gather information that demonstrate the impact coworking has on the neighborhoods it touches.

How you can help

There are lots of ways to help!

  1. Become a Coworking.org Volunteer. Update your city’s page with information on regional alliances, directories, Meetup groups and more. Register here!.
  2. Support Open Coworking! We operate with the help of Annual Supporters who are invited to become members of our organization. Learn how to become a supporter here. 
  3. Participate! Join the Coworking Google Group and introduce yourself. Talk about #coworking in social media. Organize a coworking community in your neighborhood.