The Coworking Visa

The Coworking Visa is an extremely simple but powerful way for coworking spaces to offer free access to members of other spaces. So many coworking spaces operate independently of one another while still maintaining friendly, collaborative relations. To forge formal relationships with each like-minded space would be impossible, so the Visa gracefully handles this by creating a way for any space that’s interested in sharing to opt in.

When a coworking space opts into the Coworking Visa program, their members can make use of any of the other spaces in the network, usually up to three times, free of charge. In exchange, the participating community offers up their space to the other members of the network.

The best part? All it takes to join is for an administrator to add their coworking space to a simple wiki page. Over 450 locations worldwide are already a part of the Visa program, with more joining all the time.

Visit the Visa’s Facebook page or read more about the Visa program on Deskmag.

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