Who started Open Coworking?

Open Coworking was founded in 2012 by Jacob Sayles.

What does Open Coworking do?

We are committed to ensuring the neutral, publicly available resources of the coworking movement are preserved and improved however possible. These include the Coworking Wiki, Coworking Google Group, Coworking Visa, Coworking Blog.

We are also developing a Coworking Map project and managing a Coworking Leadership Slack Channel.

Where is Open Coworking based?

Open Coworking is currently legally based in Washington state, where it was first incorporated, but beyond that it holds no specific headquarters.

What kind of an entity is Open Coworking?

It’s a Washington state nonprofit.

How can I get involved?

There are lots of ways to help!

  1. Become a City Curator. City Curators help us develop our map project by collecting information about every coworking space in their area. Learn how to become a City Curator here.
  2. Become a Wiki Volunteer. Wiki Volunteers help  Wiki Volunteer here.
  3. Support Open Coworking! We operate with the help of Annual Supporters who are invited to become members of our organization. Learn how to become a supporter here. 
  4. Participate! Join the Coworking Google Group and introduce yourself. Talk about #coworking in social media. Organize a coworking community in your neighborhood.