Open Coworking manages a variety of resources, many of which are decentralized and open to all, which make the global coworking movement possible. These include:

The Coworking Blog

Running on WordPress, the Coworking Blog allows a wide variety of people to post stories of coworking from their part of the world. With 208 posts dating back to 2006, it’s become a compendium for stories that show juts how far the movement reaches.


The Coworking Google Group

An open discussion group with nearly 6,000 members, the Coworking Google Group is home to thousands of in-depth discussions around every imaginable aspect of coworking.



The Coworking Leadership Slack channel

The Coworking Leadership Slack Channel is one of the newest resources to emerge from those who are most active in helping facilitate the coworking movement. With 144 members and 5,100 messages exchanged so far, it’s quickly becoming an easy and casual way to connect with fellow coworking enthusiasts.



The Coworking Visa program

The Coworking Visa is an extremely simple but powerful way for coworking spaces to offer free access to members of other spaces. With over 450 participating spaces worldwide, the visa gives even the smallest community a chance to feel like they’re part of something bigger.


The Coworking Wiki

With a directory of spaces that covers 478 cities in 81 countries, the wiki is one of the movement’s most critical entry points for many people new to the movement.