Open Coworking is an organization advocates for the global coworking movement and the core values that drive it. All around the world, people are fighting the loneliness that comes with working alone at home or in cafes by gathering in shared spaces to work alongside one another. As thousands and thousands of people continue to form and join these communities around the world, the collective impact and importance of these communities continues to grow.

We are here to support the healthy development of a way of working that gives people a way to forge new, more intentional, more healthy relationship with their personal and professional lives. As the workforce continues its shift away from traditional full-time employment towards more flexible and independent lifestyles, the need for new support systems follows accordingly. When it comes to traditional employment, many of the core components of a healthy work-life are accounted for: where to work, who to report to, how much money you’ll be making and when you’ll get paid, how much vacation time you can take, how health care and retirement and taxes are accounted for, how your performance is measured, and countless other things.

When you work for yourself, you have to figure everything out on your own. But you shouldn’t have to. Coworking is an emergent phenomenon that is providing a foundation for a networked, self-organized alternative to traditional employment as a core support system. Like the new workforce, it’s peer-to-peer, without a hierarchical power structure. It supports individual autonomy, allowing each person to choose when, where, how, and with whom to work, while still providing the critical structure that’s needed to ensure each individual isn’t on their own.

The coworking movement unites thousands of organizers, space owners, and enthusiasts who all share a passion for helping to facilitate the growth of this new way of working. Open Coworking is dedicated to supporting this movement and the people who are building it. 


Open Coworking is committed to the coworking core value of transparency.

We periodically offer access to information to advisors and supporters, including an annual report and insights into our finances.

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