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The coworking movement is a global phenomenon because the people who started it made it free and open to all. They started things like the Coworking Wiki, the Coworking Google Group, the Coworking Blog, and more, and designed them so that anyone could make use of them.

Now, thousands of people use these resources every day to connect with others and share ideas. The Google Group has over 5,000 members and daily conversations, while the Wiki gets hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

Open Coworking has dedicated itself to ensuring these resources are maintained and continuously improved. We work largely as volunteers, but the more we’re able to raise financial support, the more resources we’ll be able to dedicate to better management and more substantial improvements.

The movement is made possible by the people who contribute to it. This is where you come in!

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Open Coworking’s finances come primarily through the contributions of individuals. Official Supporters of Open Coworking will be honored publicly for their support, invited to special online and in-person events, and will be furnished with periodic Impact Reports demonstrating the impact our organization is facilitating thanks to your support.

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These resources are possible thanks to the hard work of a team of dedicated people. Your support gives us the resources we need to maintain and improve this and other resources that make the decentralized coworking movement possible. Learn more here.

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From the many coworking spaces appearing on every populated corner of this planet, to the variety of service providers working alongside us to support the new workforce to the institutions that study and lead systemic changes to the ways our society works, there is no shortage of like-minded organizations with whom we want to develop healthy symbiotic relationships.

Official Partners are prominently honored on our online and offline media for their support, invited to be a part of high-level conversations about the trajectory of the movement and the industries that support it, and are offered periodic Impact Reports.

Official Partners make an annual contribution of $1,000 per year.

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