We’re partnering with the European Coworking Assembly!

european-coworking-assembly-logo-compactWe’re excited to announce an official partnership with the European Coworking Assembly, an organization founded and run by some of the most established  visionaries and champions of the coworking movement, including Ramon Suarez of Betacowork and author of The Coworking Handbook, Jean-Yves Hurwart and Anis Bedda of the Coworking Europe conference, Manuel Zea Barral of WorkingSpace, CoworkingSpain.es, and the first Coworking Spain Conference, Eric van den Broek of Mutinerie and CoPass, and many more.

A veritable all-star team of people who are dedicated to the healthy growth of coworking in a continent that’s home to perhaps the most dense and diverse concentration of coworking spaces anywhere on earth.


We’re looking forward to working with the ECA to spread the good word about coworking to people, organizers, and governments everywhere.

We are coworking!