Help us end indie isolation in your city.

No one is an island. If you start working for yourself without finding or forming a community of people to help you, you’re exposed to struggle. You can’t get your questions answered, you don’t have any external perspectives to help you see what you can’t see yourself, but, perhaps most importantly, you just don’t have a sense that you belong to something bigger than yourself.

Coworking communities can solve all of this. The reason it’s becoming such a massive movement is because of this very desire.

The problem is, it’s become far too easy to settle for just making a nice looking workspace without really focusing on why.

Do these kinds of places really achieve what they’re supposed to? Are these spaces acting as cultural centers where people forge genuine, deep, lasting bonds, or are they just giving people a place to plug in and get to work, in closer proximity but in hardly any less isolation?

The world needs coworking communities that are dedicated to helping connect isolated independent workers, so no one has to feel alone.

This isn’t just about getting people into the same room. This is about actively fostering the bonds between the people who are building the fabric of the new economy, one personal connection at a time.

The new economy is a networked one. The individual nodes that weave the new web of interconnected work will connect, online and offline, through the networks that we create.

We believe in a world in which anyone anywhere should be able to easily find or form a community of people to belong to.

If you believe the same, consider joining our ranks as a volunteer or as a supporter. It’s a big world out there, and we need all the help we can get. Especially in your home town!

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PHASE 1: Make it easier for people to get started and successful, in the right way!

The answers are out there. There’s simply no reason why anyone should have to figure out some of the most basic or even more advanced problems on their own anymore.

We’re putting together the ultimate compilation of answers to common questions, so we can stop duplicating effort and focus on going further.

Among our goals:

  • Redesign
  • Update the wiki design and content
  • Compile Best Practices

Want to help? Register for an upcoming session, where we’ll work  in a virtual space to develop and improve these resources together. Register for updates here or visit our Facebook page to be notified of the next session.

PHASE 2: Set the movement up to evolve and grow even stronger.

Next year we’d like to tackle more elaborate projects, like overhauling the Coworking Visa, developing a better global map of coworking spaces, conducting impact studies and more. Read more about our plans here.

For now, we’re focused on forming a foundation for an organization that will be able to support the healthy growth of the movement for many years to come.

But for that to happen, we first need your support getting things off the ground.

Help us raise $10,000 in annual support by the end of the year.

We want our largest base of support to come from individuals and owners of small businesses who believe what we believe.

If you can spare as little as $100 per year (only $8.33/month), we would make very good use of your contribution!

Regardless of the kind of support you can give us yourself, we would love help spreading the word about what we’re doing and in particular reaching people who want to support our efforts. Help us reach potential supporters by letting anyone who you think would be interested know about us and what we’re up to!

Are you ready to help us ensure no indie worker one ever has to feel alone again? 

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Who are we?

We’re a team of people who are completely committed to the advancing of the coworking movement as a vehicle for eradicating indie loneliness anywhere and everywhere.

Tony Bacigalupo – I’ve been obsessed with coworking since I first discovered it happening in a loft apartment in Manhattan in 2007. Since then, I started and ran one of NYC’s first coworking spaces, New Work City, from 2008 until 2015. Now, I’m focusing on helping people build better coworking communities through Open Coworking and through my own personal consulting.
Jeannine van Der Linden – The standing executive director of Open Coworking, founder of the de Kamer network of coworking spaces in the Netherlands.
Oren Salomon – Founder of Dallas Fort Work, and leader of the new Coworking Map Project.
Melissa Geissinger – Founder of WIMP Space and Coworking Sonoma Alliance, originator of the Coworking Leadership Slack Channel.
Jacob Sayles– Original founder of Open Coworking, cofounder of Office Nomads in Seattle, and creator of the Nadine open source software platform for coworking spaces.
Juli Genovesi – Executive Director of, a collaborative shared office for nonprofit and social purpose organizations or anyone trying to change the world, and volunteer nonprofit consultant for Open Coworking

…and over 100 supporters, volunteers and advisors from all over the world.

If you’d like to help us, don’t wait. We need your help right now to get this off the ground!

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