Where do you want this movement to go? Help us build the organization coworking needs. 

Hi there! Tony here. I’ve recently joined Open Coworking with the intention of helping it become an organization that can hire people to better maintain and improve publicly available resources and actively advocate for the coworking movement in ways no one else can.

It’s a big task, with a lot of possible directions to go. To start, I want to find the people who are willing to step up to help shape the future of the organization.

If you’re interested in being one of the first people to get involved, we’re looking for official pledges of support from 100 people by the end of September. These 100 people, aside from being thanked publicly, will be invited to participate in the process of deciding what kinds of projects we focus on. From there, we’ll continue to rally more support as we begin tackling projects.

100 people. $100/year. Open Coworking’s starting budget for our new campaign to help the coworking movement be what we dreamed of it being.

Are you up for being one of our first 100 supporters? Register here!