The Team

Open Coworking is maintained by people who have spent many years volunteering on behalf of the global coworking movement. These current and past contributors include:

  • Beth Buczynski
  • Jeannine van der Linden
  • Melissa Geissinger
  • Nicolas Bergé
  • Ramon Suarez
  • Oren Salomon
  • Tony Bacigalupo


  • Jacob Sayles
  • Nate Heasley

Partners, Associates, and Volunteers

Open Coworking has a global network of volunteers who help maintain the Coworking Wiki. See the wiki’s Partners and Associates here.

We also have a City Curator program for a map project we’re developing. Learn how to become a City Curator here or a Wiki Volunteer here.


Open Coworking is eternally grateful to its supporters. See a list of our Supporters here.