No one should have to work alone.

Coworking is a decentralized movement that gives us a way to be independent without having to be alone.
We're here to make that movement better.

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We're on a mission to ensure anyone anywhere can find a community of people to belong to, so no one has to feel like they're on their own.

More people need to be part of great coworking communities. While the coworking movement has done so much to facilitate this, there is still so much more to be done. We're here to help coworking communities grow, better and stronger, so that more people can benefit from what they have to offer.

To do this, we're going to hire people to focus their attention on growing and supporting the movement in every way we can. But to be able to do this, we need your support.

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What we intend to do

Kick off a campaign

Find supporters to help us develop the organizational capacity we need.

Rally volunteers to improve the online resources

The wiki, the blog, and the Visa program are all in dire need of some tender loving care. We'll call upon our existing networks of volunteers, ambassadors, and City Curators to help us update and clean up these resources, so they'll be even more useful to newcomers.

Tell more stories of coworking worldwide

We'll reach out to our network of volunteers to find powerful and inspiring stories of people who had great and valuable experiences in coworking communities. We'll develop an editorial schedule, publishing new stories on a regular basis, and looking for opportunities to push the conversations about coworking forward.

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Re-incorporate and develop an international board

Right now, Open Coworking is registered as a Washington State nonprofit. In January 2016, we'll begin the process of re-incorporating as a 501(c)(3), 501(c)(6), or another entity that will enable us to continue to grow and represent the movement in the best way possible.

The organization is also, for now, heavily influenced by its largely US-based team members. We'll undertake the effort to develop a structure that ensures all major regions of the world are represented in our ongoing efforts.

Develop culture-building programs

With the help of like-minded partners, we'll develop a series of programs that will be free for coworking spaces to implement to ensure more people have better ways to form deeper bonds in their communities.

Build a global map of communities

With spaces opening and closing around the world daily, developing an accurate map of the world's coworking communities is a seemingly impossible task. With our network of City Curators, however, we can take a big challenge and make it small enough to tackle.

In 2016, we'll continue to develop our software and our network of curators and launch a map that will make it easier for anyone to find the coworking communities in their area that are right for them.

Conduct a study on coworking's impact

Working with our friends at Emergent Research, we'll put together a study that coworking spaces could distribute to their members to collect data that we'll analyze, summarize, and turn into handy reports that the participating communities could then use to demonstrate to local governments and institutions the kind of impact their spaces have.

Take coworking to Washington!

Get coworking officially acknowledged by the White House, and as many other government and established institutions as possible. Look for ways to represent the needs of the independent workforce in policy conversations.

Help us make all of this happen.

With your support, we intend to do all of the above, and more. Become an official Supporter of Open Coworking today!

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The resources we help maintain

The Coworking Wiki

With a directory of spaces that covers 478 cities in 81 countries, the wiki is one of the movement's most critical entry points for many people new to coworking.

The Coworking Visa

With over 450 participating spaces worldwide, the visa gives even the smallest community a chance to feel like they're part of something bigger by through shared access for members.

The Coworking Google Group

An open discussion group with nearly 6,000 members, the Coworking Google Group is home to thousands of in-depth discussions around every imaginable aspect of coworking.

The Coworking Leadership Slack Channel

With 144 members and 5,100 messages exchanged so far, the Slack channel is quickly becoming known as an easy and casual way to connect with fellow coworking enthusiasts.

The Coworking Blog

With 208 posts dating back to 2006, The Coworking Blog has become a compendium for stories that show just how far the movement reaches.