Let's end indie isolation together.

Coworking is growing so quickly because more and more people need to find new ways to connect to each other.

We're here to ensure you have everything you need to build a great coworking community in your city today.

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No one is an island. If you start working for yourself without finding or forming a community of people to help you, you're exposed to struggle. You can't get your questions answered, you don't have any external perspecitves to help you see what you can't see yourself, but, perhaps most importantly, you just don't have a sense that you belong to something bigger than yourself.

Coworking communities can solve all of this. The reason it's becoming such a massive movement is because of this very desire.

The problem is, it's become far too easy to settle for just making a nice looking workspace without really focusing on why. This is where we come in. We are dedicated to ensuring that anyone interested in starting or growing a coworking community has access to everything they need to succeed not just as a functional worksapce, but as a sustainable, thriving center for culture and connection in their community. Read more

What we intend to do

Help you find all the knowledge you need to build a great community.

We want to ensure you have easy access to best practices, handy resources, and the means to get quality answers to your questions. We'll do this by:

  • Compiling a set of community-sourced Best Practices, pulling from 10 years' worth of discussions in the Coworking Google Group
  • Kicking off an interview series that tells stories of people whose lives were changed by their coworking communities.

Make it easy for people to find your community.

Over 1,300 people are searching for coworking for the first time every day. When they happen to be where you happen to be, we want to ensure they can learn about you and all that you have to offer quickly and easily. We'll achieve this by:

  • Cleaning up and improving the Coworking Wiki, which has a tremendous presence in Google and gets over 100,000 visits a year.
  • Developing the ultimate coworking map, which will be kept up-to-date through a network of City Curators.

Give your members free access to over 400 coworking spaces worldwide.

The Coworking Visa is a free exchange program set up by owners of spaces who wanted a simple way to allow members to visit like-minded spaces free of additional charge. We'll make it easier for people to find and use the Visa, both as members and as managers.

More easily get support from local governments and institutions.

We all know that your community has a tremendous positive impact on your region; we'll ensure that you have empirical evidence you can point to so you can get support from those who ought to be supporting you. To that end, we'll:

  • Design and administer a study on the impact of coworking spaces on their regions. We'll distribute this to all communities that want to participate, analyze the results, then give the results back to the participants for their use in conversations with potential institutional supporters and collaborators.
  • Themed coworking sessions around a particular subject area that is of interest to a subset of people in your space.

Take coworking to the governments!

We'll work with local alliances to get coworking acknowledged and supported by as many governments and established institutions as possible, and look for ways to represent the needs of the independent workforce in policy conversations.

All of this free and open to all.

But how is that possible? The coworking movement is built on the tremendous goodwill of thousands of people who believe in the good it can do for the world. We're here to maintain and grow that movement and to drive it further, for the better of all mankind.

To make that happen, we need your support. Become an Official Supporter of Open Coworking today!

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Who are we?

We're Open Coworking, an organization founded in 2012 to defend and advance the core values that make the coworking movement so special.

When we got started, coworking had started to grow from a nascent movement to an increasingly mature industry. While this is a healthy and in many cases necessary evolution that enables coworking to help many more people, it also comes with the risk that new communities will lose sight of the elements that make coworking valuable and impactful for the people who participate, especially as conversations become increasingly about business models and money.

We want to see lots of successful coworking spaces, but we want to see those spaces do more than just share workspace.

We want to see them taking full advantage of the potential coworking has to do good in the world by embodying the core values of Community, Openness, Collaboration, Accessibilty, and Sustainability.

We believe in the potential coworking has to help the world have a better relationship with work. We're dedicated to ensuring this movement realizes its potential through you, in any way we can.

The resources we help maintain

The Coworking Wiki

With a directory of spaces that covers 478 cities in 81 countries, the wiki is one of the movement's most critical entry points for many people new to coworking.

The Coworking Visa

With over 450 participating spaces worldwide, the visa gives even the smallest community a chance to feel like they're part of something bigger by through shared access for members.

The Coworking Google Group

An open discussion group with nearly 6,000 members, the Coworking Google Group is home to thousands of in-depth discussions around every imaginable aspect of coworking.

The Coworking Leadership Slack Channel

With 144 members and 5,100 messages exchanged so far, the Slack channel is quickly becoming known as an easy and casual way to connect with fellow coworking enthusiasts.

The Coworking Blog

With 208 posts dating back to 2006, The Coworking Blog has become a compendium for stories that show just how far the movement reaches.