Open Coworking

Open Coworking is an organization created of, by, and for members of the global coworking community.

Our goal is to facilitate and promote collaboration between coworking communities around the world. We do this by supporting projects that demonstrate and emphasize the core coworking values: collaboration, openness, community, accessibility, and sustainability. We know that the key to coworking's impact lies in the core values. As coworking grows worldwide, we consider it our mission to keep the core values in the conversation.

Open Coworking was established in early 2012. The first project we embarked on was to assume responsibility for The Coworking Wiki. We have a global Coworking Map in the works, and in 2014 launched a series of Coworking Talks that tap into each core value and highlights ways different spaces put them into action.

-- The Open Coworking Team:

Now Seeking Regional Coodinators for Open Coworking!


  • Curate and maintain a list of coworking spaces in your city for the Open Coworking Maps project. Update at least one monthly to ensure accuracy.
  • Plug incoming local volunteers for Open Coworking into active contributing roles within one week.


  • Document coworking developments in your area to connect the local narrative to the global narrative. Record any press mentions in local Wiki. Track space openings and closings in the Maps project.
  • Engage media and local participants in the coworking scene by keeping the core values in the conversation.
  • Serve as a liaison between local coworking leadership and global coworking leadership.
  • Empower locals to open new coworking spaces, sustain existing spaces, and promote camaraderie between these new and existing spaces.


  • 10-15 hours/month: the commitment is modest, but substantial enough to make a serious impact in your community.
  • Full-time location in the city you're representing (6+ months out of the year).
  • Active membership, employment, or ownership of a coworking space in the city you're representing.
  • An active Twitter account (to access the Map project).


  • This is a volunteer role at a non-profit. As such there is NO CASH COMPENSATION.
  • Each regional coordinator will receive recognition on their city's entry of the Open Coworking Map, as well as on the Open Coworking website and the Coworking Wiki.
  • You will have the pleasure of working with some of the longest tenured members of the coworking movement.

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