The City Curator Program

Open Coworking Is Now Searching for City Curators

What Does a City Curator Do?

A City Curator is a coworking trustee for his/her city. They curate and maintain a list of all coworking spaces in their city on the Open Coworking Map.

It takes about 2 hours to search for and collect the information for all of the city’s coworking spaces (such as their locations, contact info, and official websites). These 2 hours may seem a modest investment, but it is enough to make a substantial impact on your local community.

After this initial setup, we recommend checking the information accuracy of at least one of the coworking spaces per month to make sure that the list stays up-to-date. This takes about 5-10 minutes. Yep, that’s about it!

Who Is Qualified?

Because we’re looking for people who are personally invested in cultivating the idea of coworking, we’re open to City Curators being active members, employees, or owners of a coworking space within the city they’re representing for at least 6 months out of the year. An active Twitter account is also required, as this provides access to the Map project.

How Big of a Deal Is This?

It’s pretty big. Having an unpaid volunteer role may not usually be glamorous, but when 5 minutes a month bestows the title of City Curator upon you, it becomes a very valuable position. Plus, it sounds really good on a resume or in a first handshake introduction. Your name and title would be clearly displayed on the Open Coworking Map, Open Coworking website, and on the Coworking Wiki too.

Open Coworking is a non-profit that seeks to cultivate local coworking communities around the world while keeping the core values of coworking in the conversation. You’ll gain valuable experience in community relations, getting connected with each of your city’s coworking spaces and other City Curators from around the world. You’ll also have the pleasure of working with some of the longest-tenured members of the coworking movement, including Jacob Sayles, Ashley Proctor, Craig Baute, and others.

There is only one curator per city. Click here to fill out the application or email Oren Salomon with questions at

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